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Top 3 Reasons to Choose COMCO Plastics for Plastic Fabrication

Plastic fabrication entails designing, producing, and assembling components using techniques like molding, machining, and welding, among others. Achieving high-quality plastic products requires an experienced, reputable plastic fabricator, so it’s important to work with a partner you can trust.

For over 60 years, COMCO Plastics, Inc. has maintained a reputation as a leading provider of plastic fabrication solutions and high-performance parts for wide-ranging applications. We offer superior reliability, providing peace of mind through industry quality certifications, precision equipment, and top-quality, comprehensive services.

COMCO Is the Only 13485-Certified Plastic Fabricator

For customers in the medical field, we offer ISO 13485-certified plastic fabrication services. The ISO 13485 standard covers medical devices to ensure that they comply with all relevant industry laws and regulations on production, installation, and maintenance while meeting the needs of your application.

As the only 13485-certified plastic fabricator, COMCO strives for the highest quality standards in all of our fabrication solutions. We’re committed to providing every customer with white glove service. COMCO is also the most reliable company in our class, able to successfully meet strict delivery deadlines.

COMCO Is the Most Sophisticated Plastic Fabricator

COMCO offers a level of sophistication in our comprehensive services that you won’t find with industry competitors. Our in-house production solutions include:

  • Design consultations with our expert team to develop customized solutions
  • Quality assurance backed by ISO 9001 and 13485 certifications, inspections, and traceability
  • Plastic parts assembly for multi-piece components ranging from simple to complex
  • Vast inventory of materials to ensure what you need is always in stock
  • 24-hour lead times for clients within 250 miles of our COMCO facility
  • Reliable shipping methods to achieve average on-time delivery rates of 98%

Over the last six decades, COMCO has become synonymous with superior quality. Our team is committed to continuous improvement, and we serve diverse customers worldwide with top-tier precision machining and fabrication services coupled with high-performance plastic materials.

COMCO Has Coordinate Measuring Machines

At COMCO, we don’t believe that you should have to sacrifice quality, delivery, or price in order to have the other two. Many of our customers require high-volume production with stringent standards for quality and precision. To meet these requirements, our in-house, value-add capabilities include making measurements on our reliable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). This equipment measures tool and machine part dimensions through coordinate technology, optimizing metrology examination processes.

As part of our dedication to our customers and maintaining the highest dependability standard, COMCO’s CMMs provide you with repeatable, accurate results in a short amount of time. The CMMs we employ deliver several key benefits, including:

  • High degree of precision
  • Flexibility and long service life
  • Productivity improvements

Turn to COMCO for Reliable Plastic Fabrication Solutions

At COMCO, we’ll serve as your one-stop shop for plastics manufacturing, with high-performance plastics and precision services focused on producing top-quality, dependable machined parts. In addition to our core competencies, we offer value-added services through our CMMs to facilitate precise measurements in each fabrication project, including high-volume orders.

We emphasize innovation and continuous improvement in our services and products, supporting you so that your projects remain on time, cost-effective, and of the highest achievable quality to meet your application’s exact specifications. Contact us to learn more about the COMCO Plastics difference, or request a quote today to get started on your next plastic fabrication project.

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