Delrin® DE588 is a homopolymer acetal resin that is 20% PTFE. Manufactured by DuPont, this extremely adaptable thermoplastic is primarily used in U.S. Navy applications, particularly submarines. Its high wear resistance and low friction make it ideal for heavy-duty mechanical applications. Often used to replace metal, Delrin® DE588 provides optimum dimensional stability, hardness, strength, and reliability.

Learn more about the applications of Delrin® DE588 and COMCO Plastics’ capabilities to produce parts using this crucial material.


Delrin® DE588 is optimized specifically for Navy applications. It is commonly used for valve seats, door systems, conveyor belts, gears, medical delivery devices, safety restraint components, and other high-load mechanical settings.

Because Delrin® DE588 has a low coefficient of friction, it has a long service life for moving or rotating parts that contact one another. Here are the main uses for Delrin® DE588 in both naval and non-naval settings:

  • Submarine components
  • Valve seats
  • Thrust washers
  • Bearings
  • Seals
  • Bushings
  • Gaskets

Capabilities: COMCO Plastics

As a pioneer in thermoplastic materials—including Delrin® DE588—COMCO Plastics offers a variety of services to create components to your exact specifications. Our CNC milling and turning, lathe and Swiss screw machining, annealing, quality inspection, and assembly and fabrication services ensure that your Delrin® DE588 products achieve the tightest possible tolerances and perform to the highest standards.

Delrin® DE588 Components from COMCO Plastics

Since 1956, COMCO Plastics has pioneered thermoplastic and thermoset products. Today we work with a full range of materials, including Delrin® DE588, acrylic, nylon, polycarbonate, polysulfone, Rexolite®, PVC, Torlon®, Teflon®, ABS, PEEK, and more. Our technologically advanced facility allows us to meet our customers’ needs for parts made with any material or specification. Our services are CNC milling and turning, lathe and Swiss screw machining, vacuum forming, assembly and fabrication, annealing, vapor polishing, and quality inspection.

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