COMCO Plastics, Inc. was founded in 1956 by Morton R. French Sr. Today it thrives as a third generation company, helmed by Michael R. French and his executive management team.

Michael R. French

Michael is currently President of COMCO. He holds an MBA from Fordham University and is deeply committed to creating and thriving in a culture of Continuous Improvement.

Morton R. French Sr.

Morton started COMCO in 1956, as an added value business to his plastics distribution company; Commercial Plastics and Supply Corporation. He remained CEO until his passing in October, 2001.

Our History

For over 60 years, the name COMCO Plastics has been synonymous with high-quality, precision machined and fabricated high performance plastics for a multitude of industries, worldwide.

 Beginning in 1956, COMCO was in early pioneer in the fabrication of what were then little-known thermoplastics and thermosets such as acrylics, phenolics and nylon. Since then, the plastics industry has advanced tremendously and COMCO has assisted in this growth by utilizing leading edge material such as PEEK, Ultem and Vespelfor fabricated part application and development. With our state of the art fabrication facility, COMCO has the ability and the commitment to meet the need for precision parts in virtually any industry, application, or material.



Our Philosophy

COMCO Plastics is committed to Continuous Improvement.  In our industry, customers are often asked to compromise.  You can usually pick two of the following, but not three; Quality, Delivery, or Price. 

At COMCO we believe the customer should get all three. We work tirelessly to build a culture of continuous improvement, and to deliver beyond the expectations of our customers. 


With COMCO, You Make No Sacrifices.  QUALITY.  DELIVERY.  PRICE.

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