Carmaker Aston Martin has recalled 17,590 cars, and brings production of an accelerator pedal back to England after finding that a Chinese pedal supplier used counterfeit material. The Gaydon-based luxury carmaker is recalling cars built since 2007 and sold around the world so owners can have the part — which is fitted to the cars’ accelerator pedal — replaced.
As very well stated by Aston Martin, “This case reinforces that the best protection that customers and end users have against counterfeit products and the potential consequences of their use in highly engineered systems is to ensure that they and their supply chains buy only from.. authorized distributors.” More and more companies are realizing the importance of bringing back manufacturing to the U.S. In the medical sector, for example, having a local manufacturer, one who is compliant with current good manufacturing practices and quality system regulations is absolutely imperative. With the many quality control issues that organizations have been experiencing throughout the years, executives and companies are choosing to move production operations back from overseas... --More about COMCO Plastics-- COMCO understands the importance of quality - utilizing our many years of experience, along with the latest quality standards & certifications, we are recognized for delivering our orders to spec. In addition, we have achieved an average of 98% on-time delivery - ensuring that we meet meet lead times. Our organization strives to deliver high quality production and manufacturing, along with white glove customer service to all our clients... Source: Plastics News,